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Great Apostolic Radio

“Pastor Ed Snyder sounds like the apostolic Paul Harvey. The world will only give you a piece of the Chronicles of Christ. If you want to be apostolic, listen to True North Nation to get the rest of the story. Great content.”

Great podcast

I like that each episode is geared towards learning to be more like Jesus and less like the world

Great podcast

It is a great podcast and a great way to educate people on God's Word

Amazing podcast

It is such a great podcast full of real word, and truth!!!!

Superb content

I love this podcast! It’s full of real life material for living better, stronger, and wiser. If you want to hear someone who is down to earth and turns the complex matters into understandable concepts, this is YOUR podcast.

Great podcast

I love it so much!

Thought Provoking

This is the Host of True North Podcast. I wanted to get our ratings off to a start. We sre working really hard at producing a good thought provoking podcast. Listen in and give us your feedback.

Control Me Magnify Him

To the Point and a lot to think about. I need to practice self-control for my life can magnify Him.