Control The Beast

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With over twenty years of experience teaching individuals and training companies on Emotional Intelligence, Ed and Gayle Snyder have written the book on the subject.

Here is what Pastor Tony Mansinho, Associate Editor of Apostolic Review, had to say...

Apostolic! This is more than a book to just read. Bro & Sis Snyder have given us a manual that can be easily used in a teaching setting, helping people manage — gain victory over— their emotions. Necessary!

Here is what others had to say about Control the Beast. 

Reader One

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome book must-have in your library!!!!

Outstanding book bought 3 more copies to gift to loved ones in such times as these. What an amazing gift from the Lord to help manage our emotions. Thank you, Pastor Snyder, for being obedient and stepping out of your comfort zone to write such book filled with Jems 💎

Reader Two

Reader Three
So, I bought this book. Now I'm not fully done with it… so just that FACT alone that I feel confident enough to write a 5 Star review… before the last page SHOULD SPEAK for itself. What Made me buy this book was the fact that this man 👨 has gone through what he is writing and is writing from experience of self-control or lack thereof. This book is laid out in such a way as challenging but yet simple. He gives practical, Godly advice for a Topic THAT everyone has struggled with or in some way has dealt with!!!!

I actually bought two copies—one for me and one for my wife. We read a few pages or chapters a night and then openly discuss. I FEEL everyone EVERYONE, even if you feel you have your “beast” submitted and under control… should read this book. ALSO…. ALSO …. Encourage someone else to purchase as well. EVEN IF you're WELL polished, this will only enhance you further!!!

This Man! Has a Heart of Gold and an EXCELLENT Godly resume’
You won’t be steered wrong!

Pastor Snyder has helped thousands of people in his live events; we anticipate countless more being helped through this book! 

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