Control The Beast

With over twenty years of experience teaching individuals and training companies on Emotional Intelligence, Ed and Gayle Snyder have written the book on the subject.  

Control The Beast is a must-buy! The release date is March 25th

Check out what you will learn below. 


Chapter 1    Discovering the Beast

(The Power of Understanding)

Chapter 2    Starve the Beast

(Clean up Your Environment)

Chapter 3    How the Beast Works

(Emotional Mechanics))

Chapter 4   Mr. Beastie’s Game

(Blame & Responsibility)

Chapter 5   The TMZ of the Beast World

(Anger & Emotions Unveiled)

Chapter 6    Don’t Play Games with the Beast 

(Defuse Negative Emotions)

Chapter 7     Are You Ready to Confront the Beast?

(A Question of Self Identity)

Chapter 8     Beware The Beast’s Lair 

(Ambushes & Disguises)

Chapter 9    Time to Confront The Beast 

(Answer the Question of Self Identity)

Chapter 10   It Takes A Team to Control the Beast

(Viral Relationships)

Chapter 11  Rebuild What the Beast Destroyed

(Rebuild Self-Esteem) 

Chapter 12  Train the Beast

(Revitalize the Positive Inner Man)

Final Thoughts

Pastor Snyder has helped thousands of people in his live events; we anticipate countless more will be helped through this book! 

The release date is March 25th!