Jan. 15, 2021

Ep - 11 - Our - Extreme - Weapon

Ep - 11 - Our - Extreme - Weapon

With the crazy, confusing world we live in, how d…

Ep. 11 Our Extreme Weapon 

Show Notes 


With the crazy, confusing world we live in, how do we survive as a Spirit-filled Christian? When we struggle with our own challenges, overcoming sin and temptations that seem to press in hard. What do we do? We pull out our arsenal of weapons and we fight! 

Podcast Episode Summary 

Here is what we will be covering during the episode. 

  • The Spiritual Benefits of fasting. 
  • What to Expect from your fast.
  • How does Prayer connect with Fasting? 
  • Spiritual Strategies 
  • Confidence in our Communications 
  • The Format of Prayer 


If we are going to change our world, it will be by fasting & prayer. Pastor Snyder

Anything you do must have a foundation of Fasting & Prayer.  Pastor Snyder 

All who have walked with God have viewed prayer as the “main business” of their day. Unknown

Recommended resources 

Here are some great resources for the subject at hand…

A Balanced & Effective Prayer Life by James A Twentier https://pentecostalpublishing.com/products/a-balanced-effective-prayer-life