Oct. 31, 2022

What a Professional Psychologist Had to Say about Control The Beast

What a Professional Psychologist Had to Say about Control The Beast

We are always honored and humbled whenever we hear something positive about Control The Beast. Or anything we are doing for the Kingdom, for that matter. 

But allow me to share a story we received last night. 

Some months ago, we did a three-Wednesday evening Control the Beast event. This church was only an hour outside of Dallas, so each Wednesday evening made it to this church and taught different subjects from the book. It was, by the way, very productive, guests attended, and God moved deeply. 

We were back at this church last night attending a special celebration service when one of the young men that participated in the Control The Beast event came up to me and said the following...

I gave a copy of your book, Control The Beast to the psychologist I see. A few weeks later, he mentioned your book to me and said that he read it and that it is some of the best content he has seen. He now teaches his clients from your book! Brother Snyder, you have no idea how many lives your book is ministering to. 

The young man sharing this with me also said this man is not a God-fearing man. But he was very impressed with what he read.! 


I am so humbled by what God is doing through Control The Beast. To God be the Glory for all He has done! 


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