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Our Mission...
When you are lost at sea, you only navigate by fixed points. What you know is True North, not what you would like to believe.

"Fixed points" is the truth coming out of the Bible, which is the compass that will give us the direction we need to succeed.
The Pathway...Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path. Psalms 105:109

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Update on my Health...

Health Update on Host Pastor Snyder as of 11-24-21 He is recovering well. Read more about it.

About the Host

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Ed Snyder

Pastor Host Author

Ed Snyder is a fun-loving guy. He loves to make people laugh and walk away, feeling better about themselves. However, he is deeply passionate about the truth, aggressive in getting the job done, and stands strong in the position of truth. His goal is simple, leave the world a better place through the truth of God's Word and applying it in our lives.

He's has been in ministry for 40 plus years, certified Christian counselor and anger management expert for 20 plus years. Author of "Control The Beast" Pastor of Solid Rock Church, accomplished International speaker and communicator. Friend to thousands, mentor to many, married to his wife Gayle, have two beautiful adult children and a great son-in-law. You should really get to know this guy!